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DIY Woodworking Supplies

DIY Woodwork ProjectsDIY Woodworking Supplies

Getting into a new hobby can be difficult. We understand that at Wood Lab Creations, which is why we try our best to help each person achieve their goal of getting started! Our goal is to share our experience with interested newcomers to the woodworking craft; we only want to ensure that every newcomer learns the safe way. Therefore, we’ll provide you with the best woodworking supplies in Melbourne, FL for your DIY woodwork projects!

Whether you’re just looking for some epoxy, wood slabs, or want a whole CNC setup, we can help you start. Most assuredly, with Wood Lab Creations, our goal is to provide safe, industry-standard products to those looking for excellent woodworking materials. Of course, we also have stunning products ready to go if you’re just looking for stellar craftsmanship!

The Right Supplies For Your DIY Woodwork Projects

Picking out the right supplies can be difficult when you’re entering a new hobby. However, from researching different products to purchasing materials, you never know if you’re going to make the right choice. As a result, Wood Lab Creations is here to help. In essence, we supply all the materials you need to get started, which are the same ones we use on our own designs! We carry a variety of supplies, including:

  • Epoxy & Resin
  • CNC Routers
  • CNC Milling Machine
  • Sawblades
  • Router Bits
  • Vinyl
  • Wood Cut-Offs
  • Slabs

Epoxy & Resin Products

Have you ever seen one of those resin pour videos online and thought it might be cool to try it yourself? With our products and supplies, now you can! We offer a large range of brands and product styles to help with almost any type of project, from food-safe epoxy options to beautiful colored styles. Start with the right materials and get pouring today!

DIY Woodworking Tools

CNC Routers, Mills, & Supplies

For those looking to get into CNC milling, picking out the wrong tools can cost a lot. At Wood Lab, we’ll help eager new faces pick out the best CNC routers, mills, blades, and more for their projects depending on what they are trying to make. We know CNC like the backs of our hands, so we can help point out the best beginner tools for the job.

Wood Pieces & Slabs

Depending on what you’re looking for, we can also make suggestions for types of wood pieces and slabs. Whether you’re looking to finish a tabletop with a resin river or make a smaller cutting board or a CNC door sign, we can help you select the wood that will work best for your project. With our expertise, we’ll ensure that you get the products you need to get started safely.

The Wood Lab Difference In DIY Woodworking

At Wood Lab Creations, we are proud to offer a customer-centered approach. We put passion into each and every one of our products and supplies, and we want to ensure that when we are creating a wood piece, we put care and thoughtfulness into every cut. After all, our family-owned business is rooted in Florida’s Space Coast, where we operate our storefront and shop.

We care about our customers, which is why we’ve decided to offer supplies and materials for your DIY woodwork projects for those looking to try out woodworking on their own. Many times, people will try to work with resins or epoxies and mix them wrong or handle them incorrectly, often turning out unsafe products. We ensure that each customer who is interested in trying what we do is doing it the safe, right way!

Start Today

For any wooden pieces or designs, Wood Lab Creations has what you need. We craft just about everything, from functional furniture to decorative items and everything in between. At Wood Lab, we want to bring your imagination to life using the highest-quality materials. With our dedication and attention to detail, we promise to provide you with the best customer satisfaction and the most beautiful products every time. Have a question about our products? Give us a call at 321-848-6547 or send us an email at Check out our Facebook page for more information as well! We look forward to hearing from you!