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Walnut & Wenge Butcher Block


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This butcher block was made using Walnut and Wenge. It’s made from the end grain of the wood for a more durable cutting surface.


The Walnut and Wenge Butcher Block is made with Walnut and Wenge woods. It is made from the end grain of wood for a more durable cutting surface. One of the best surfaces we have created yet. 

It has a familiar look to it that is just like a checkerboard. The colors make for a fun pattern to add to your kitchen. The durability of these butcher blocks is made to withstand just about any cutting need. They look great and can hold up in your home. The way these two tons of wood flow together is attractive to the eye and will be a talking piece when you entertain guests. You will be able to put out snacks and have a conversation about them!

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