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Walnut Quad Wine Glass Caddy


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This wine glass caddy is made from Walnut. It is meant to hold four wine glasses and a bottle of wine. It measures 11″ x 11: x 1″.


This wine glass caddy is made from Walnut wood and can hold four glasses of wine and a bottle in the middle. Hence the name Walnut Quad wine glass Caddy. The caddy measures around 11″ x 11: x 1″. The perfect size for any counter or table you have in mind, because it is not too big or small. 

Having a wine glass caddy on the kitchen counter or display in the living room can change the whole look of your decor. It can also be convenient to relax with a glass of wine, and you can’t reach the top cabinet. Well, now you do not have to. It is right there, ready for you, in your caddy. Its walnut color is nice to look at and will pair well with any design you already have in your home!

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