Brazilian Walnut Blue Epoxy Coasters


These coasters are made with Brazilian Walnut. Then they are filled with epoxy. They measure 4 inches by 4 inches.

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These coasters are made with Brazilian walnut wood and filled with epoxy. They measure four inches by four inches. Tile art is beautiful when it is done correctly, and these coasters are one of a kind. When you have these lying around your house, I know people won’t know they are coasters until you tell them. Keep your tables safe and get yourself a nice set today! 

The blue against the dark wood is just the proper contrast. It gives just enough color against the wooden finish. Everyone should have coasters in their home to keep their tables safe from getting ruined, but these are different for sure. Having custom pieces in your home make all the difference, and something as simple as these can brighten up a room. 


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