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BCSO Flag with Thin Blue Line



Brevard County Sherriff Department Thin Line Flag with Blue Epoxy Filling.

Dimensions: 6 1/4″ x 11″ x 3/4″


With this hand-made thin blue line flag, you’ll find it easy to give tribute to the brave Brevard County officers. Each piece has been handled with care and is hand-filled with epoxy resin and carved from a red oak species of wood. It has an elegant, straightforward design of a blue line to signify law enforcement, mounted on high-quality red oak wood in the appearance of the United States flag. The flag’s thoughtful design and materials make this unique, small decorative piece perfect for your desk, home, or lobby display. 

The thin blue line flag is a symbol of protection, unity, and strength. It pays respect to all officers who have fallen in the line of duty while wearing their namesake uniforms because it’s critical to remember them.

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