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Hard Maple Wood

Also known as sugar maple or rock maple, solid maple wood furniture is a hardwood with white to pale yellow sapwood and pinkish-brown heartwood. It is endemic to eastern North America but available throughout the world due to its importance in the lumber industry. Due to the exceptional strength of hard maple wood combined with its pale coloration and distinctive grain pattern, hard maple has become one of the most popular woods used in artisan woodworking today.


Hard Maple Wood Uses

Hard maple is highly prized for its toughness, stability, resiliency, and tensile strength, making it suitable for solid maple wood furniture, flooring, cabinetry work, sports equipment, fine veneers, and tool handles.

The popularity of this species has increased dramatically over the last ten years because of its high density, hardness, and gorgeous coloration.

You’ll find hard maple from the floors of houses and basketball courts to bowling alleys and dance floors. Hard maple is also used in the production of musical instruments (such as violins, violas, cellos, and double basses) because it can produce a very clear, beautiful sound. It is also being used more frequently in the production of gunstocks due to its strength and resiliency.

Hard maple lumber has incredible resistance to decay, making it perfect for constructing outdoor structures such as decks or gazebos.



The beauty of maple hardwood is unmistakable. It comes in various warm colors that go with practically every home, including neutral beige, reds, browns, and chromatic grays. Hard maple décor may be stained or dyed if you desire a darker color. Because maple has less grain than other woods, it provides a smooth, clean appearance. Maple is a fantastic choice if you want furniture or art that will give your home a gentle charm.



The wood is easy to work with because of its exceptional hardness. With proper cutting and drying techniques, the wood can be milled or turned into almost any desired shape. It has excellent dimensional stability, meaning that it will not expand or contract very much; and thus, can be readily converted into various finished products.

On the other hand, hard maple has a tendency to burn when machined with high-speed cutters, such as a router. However, it does finish well, though blotches may appear when staining. A pre-conditioner, gel stain, or toner is often used to get a consistent color.

Hard maple is great for projects that require fine detailing. Because of its sturdiness, engravings or carvings into the wood can retain their original shape for a long time.




A well-finished hard maple piece will last a lifetime or more, even without refinishing. However, it is recommended to bring in your wood board, solid maple wood furniture, or décor piece for regular maintenance. This ensures that your piece is in a beautiful, safe, clean, and solid condition for a long time.



Our Process

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