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Handcrafted Wood Products

Handcrafted Wood Products

Handcrafted Wood Products for All

We provide handcrafted wood products for all. We are a small business that cares about delivering quality, customer care and creating beautiful, thoughtful, and functional wood products custom-made just for you. Our goal is to provide our clients with handcrafted wood products that can be cherished for generations. No matter your taste in design, we can create just the right product for you in terms of color and size.

Handcrafted for a lifetime

Our mission is to create products that can be used and loved for a lifetime. Our handcrafted wood products and craftsmanship ensure that your product will endure the test of time. Designs are created in-house, and we take great pride in our craftsmanship. The majority of our work is a custom design, so we do not have any limitations regarding what you would like to see come to life! All of our products are handmade from reclaimed woods with the utmost care and attention. We use a variety of different woods, including walnut, cherry, mahogany, and more.

Our product line includes various items for the home, art pieces, and other unique creations. We customize each piece we make by hand, so there are no limitations to what you can create! Our craftsmen will use their knowledge and skills to bring your ideas into reality. Feel free to mix and match species; we can even mix species in one piece if you like.

Beautiful natural materials

Our passion for design has never been restrained but encouraged. Any idea you have, Wood Lab Creations will do our best to make it happen. Whether it is an entirely new custom creation or a modification to something we’ve already built, we love pushing the limits and seeing what we can bring into reality! We painstakingly search for materials with unique grains and textures, which we love adding to our finished projects. All of our wood is sourced from sustainable forestry to replenish existing lumber stocks.

Practicality in design

The handle is designed to make it easy to grab and use for any slicing you’d like. If you are into cooking, these are some great products that can help up your game in the kitchen! They are perfect for professional chefs who might want to try something new but accessible. And because our designs are attractive, they’re fun products that anyone may enjoy using! You can use all of our products with ease right out of the box – they’re home-friendly too! Our serving trays have a lip around the edge so that it’s easy to carry food or drinks without spilling them on your clothes or flooring. And don’t forget about the cutting boards! 

We know that there are a lot of options when it comes to buying handcrafted wooden products. But we also know that not every company works as hard as we do to give you the best quality and service possible.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we’re confident that you won’t find someone as dedicated as us to your satisfaction. So if you want something beautifully made, our products are precisely what you need. Not only do we know how long it takes to precisely produce each one of our pieces, but we also make it part of our business policy to ensure that they last for a very long time. By ensuring that every process is done with the utmost care and expertise, we can give customers a quality product at an affordable price.

You Can Count on Us

We pride ourselves on our woodworking passion. We understand the dedication and craftsmanship that goes into each piece. Our goal is to create unique pieces and make sure our customers are pleased with what they’ve purchased.

When you buy something from us, you can be assured that there’s nothing else out there like it because we take pride in what we do. And if you’re not satisfied, let us know! We’ll work hard to resolve any issues you have until you’re delighted with your purchase. So if the quality is essential to you when buying a product, look no further than Handcrafted Creations, where everything has been handmade by experts who pay attention to detail, so your satisfaction comes first! We have a passion for creating handmade wood products that will last for generations to come. We offer a variety of different products and custom designs. Each piece comes with its unique design and is individually crafted by experienced craftsmen who have spent years refining their skills. Whether it’s a gift for your spouse or just an addition to your home decor, our handmade wood products will complete your home and provide decades of enjoyment.  We don’t just say we’ll create the perfect handmade wooden product for you – we back it up with genuine service and support. We’re here to help you find the perfect gift for your special someone, no matter what type of product.

We’re not like other companies.

Our talented craftsmen have been designing and making wooden products for decades. We’ve created a wide range of items that can help you with any decorating task. From handmade furniture and cabinets to weathervanes and ornaments, our products can help add to any home. You’ll be able to find items that will blend into your existing decor as well as those that are more distinctive. Our craftsmen use their experience and skills to create a variety of different woodwork pieces. You can specify exactly what you want. Let us know the design you need, and we will do all of the work for you. We create beautiful pieces that are made with care and design in mind. We stand behind everything we sell and know that you’ll love your custom wood product or be delighted with our vast portfolio of individualized handmade gifts. We don’t mass produce our products or assembly line them out – that means that each one is carefully crafted by hand and made with natural, eco-friendly materials.

And we love what we do.

Wood Lab Creations is a family-owned company run by people who love woodworking and want to make a difference in your life. Whether it’s crafting a one-of-a-kind desk organizer or building a custom cornhole set, we want you to have the best experience possible!

Our Exotic & Domestic Wood

Wood Lab Creations works with various wood types, whether you have an idea of what you’re looking for or plan to leave it to us. We’ve used a variety of woods, including domestic mahogany, maple, cedar, walnut, and cherry, as well as more exotic options like teak, canary wood, tigerwood, purpleheart, tulipwood, yellow heart, and rosewood.

We start with pieces of wood and work our way down when making our products. If we need to order a specific type of wood for your product, that’s no problem! We can obtain that for you and create something unique and special for you.

About Our Handcrafted Wood Products

At Wood Lab Creations, woodworking is our passion. We take pride in each and every piece we create, from the small things like coasters to the big custom projects like live edge bar tops. When you purchase a product from a shop like ours, you’re not just buying something. You’re making a difference for small business owners, and you’re receiving something that has been lovingly handcrafted. At Wood Lab, we hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoyed making them!

Our passion for woodworking is the driving force behind everything we do. We love what we do, and it shows in our products. Every product made by Wood Lab Creations comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t pleased with your purchase when it arrives, let us know, and we will work with you to make it right.

Everyone enjoys bringing originality into their home. Handcrafted wood products can be used to improve the value of your home, as well as lend a warm and cozy atmosphere. Do you have an idea for something unique? Our craftsmen can help bring that into reality for you!

There are many benefits to having something handcrafted, especially wood products that add something special to your home. What can be better than knowing that your items were handmade?

Our product line includes various items for the home, art pieces, and other unique creations. We customize each piece we make by hand, so there are no limitations to what you can create! Our craftsmen will use their knowledge and skills to bring your ideas into reality. Feel free to mix and match species; we can even mix species in one piece if you like.

Benefits of Handcrafted Wood Products

There are many benefits to having something handcrafted, especially wood products that can add to your home’s decor. Each item is made by hand means that someone’s creativity and talent can be brought to life in an object you will use every day. Custom items are often created at a lower cost than similar already manufactured products, making them fantastic deals along with being eco-friendly!

  • Custom-made
  • Eco-friendly
  • Unique
  • Higher quality
  • More attention to detail

Everyone loves the idea of having something that is handcrafted in their home. It adds something special to your everyday environment to bring you and your family joy.

The Wood Lab Difference for Handmade Wooden Gifts

Handcrafted Wood, Handemade Wooden Gifts

At Wood Lab Creations, we are proud to offer a custom-centered approach. We put passion into each and every one of our products, and we want to ensure that when we are creating a piece, we put care and thoughtfulness into every cut and sand. Our business is family-owned and rooted in Florida’s Space Coast, where we operate our storefront and shop.

While we focus primarily on 2D and 3D CNC woodworking styles, we can craft just about anything out of any type of wood. Whether you’re looking for something functional or just for style, our beautiful pieces can be used all around the house. We use high-quality woods and materials for each of our designs to produce the most beautiful pieces for our customers.

Our handmade wooden products come in various styles and designs, which allow us to offer something for everyone. You can find bedroom design elements such as bed frames and headboards, accessories for living room areas like tables and shelves, home office furniture like desks and bookcases, wall decors like mirrors and flat-screen TV holders, or household items such as decorative bowls or utensils. Our selection is ever-growing, with new items being created all the time.

Our designs are all original. Many different styles inspire us, so you’ll see some elements in our items, but they are truly unique pieces that won’t go out of style quickly. They will last for years to come.

When it comes to the design process, we want you involved every step of the way. Your ideas and what you hope to achieve are essential while brainstorming your project idea with you. This process helps us fine-tune the product until it meets all your and ours expectations. From there, we can create a 3D rendering for approval before creating the final piece on our CNC machine. Sometimes this is needed for large projects, while other times, one visit to the machine is enough.

Once you approve your design, we will create a first sample for you to inspect and work with on any potential modifications necessary. Once approved, we begin cutting and assembling your project on our computerized milling machine at this time.

After all the pieces are cut and tested, we move on to finishing and finishing touches like pre-drilling holes and sanding edges until they meet exact specifications. However, more sanding may be needed after assembly if any imperfections were present in the smaller pieces that couldn’t be seen during construction. Also, keep in mind that some careful sanding of these spots can often fix blemishes caused by our CNC machine before finishing.

Have a Question? Let’s Talk About Handcrafted Wood!

For any handcrafted wood pieces or designs, Wood Lab Creations has what you need. We craft just about everything, from functional furniture to decorative items and everything in between. At Wood Lab, we want to bring your imagination to life using the highest-quality materials. With our dedication and attention to detail, we promise to provide you with the best customer satisfaction and the most beautiful products every time. Have a question about our products? Give us a call at 321-848-6547 or send us an email at Check out our Facebook page as well! We look forward to hearing from you!