Handcrafted Furniture Designs For Your Florida Home!

Are you looking to redesign your space? We have some of the best homemade furniture you have been looking for. From coffee tables, to kitchen accessories and anything else you can think of. Wood Lab Creations creates every piece by hand and makes sure to add detail and personality where it is needed most. Shop online or reach out to us to find out more about what we have to offer. When it comes to finding the next best piece for your home, there is nothing like an original hand crafted design. It is important to us that you find the perfect piece that goes just right with everything else in your home. We want to help you create unimaginable pieces that make you wonder how you got so lucky to find a company like us! 

Types Of Wood We Craft 

Some of our top types of wood are Hard maple, Walnut, Amrobrisa, Brazilian Cherry, and Gabone Ebony. However, our most popular and often used is hard maple wood. It’s easy to work with, matches everything and lasts forever! These woods range in price and depending on the piece the prices will differ, however, we can answer all questions before any final decisions are made. Making a piece of furniture from start to finish is not an easy task, but if you ask someone you trust, you will get a result you are happy with. We strive to excel and assure our customers are pleased with our work. 

The types of wood we use have character and make it easy for us to create unique pieces everytime. We cut things differently and are sure to check in as we work on each project. Communication is key when working with handmade projects. When you invest in something such as homemade wood projects, you will not be disappointed! 

Having a handcrafted piece that you can say is one of a kind is really something to brag about. We know our staff is talented and our products are made well, so you will be pleased with your new piece of furniture you get to bring home. We can guarantee you will want more than one and give our DIY woodworking crafts as gifts for all occasions. There is nothing like having options when creating a design. Being able to pick out your wood and allowing someone to make a piece that is just your own is like no other feeling. You will be able to tell everyone it was handmade. And send them our way so we can make something for them too! 

DIY Woodworking Crafts  

Here at Wood Lab Creations, it is our goal to bring your vision to life, using our best materials. If you wish for wood or material we do not have, we can order it and make your piece in no time at all. First is making sure you are getting the pieces you want. Then we create the unique, quality, diy woodworking crafts you cannot find anywhere else. Having one-of-a-kind pieces is something everyone wants and that is what we specialize in! Everything we make is not like another, so every time you order from us, you are getting an original piece. The process is easy, and once you decide that you have found something that catches your eye, do not wait. Reach out to us and we will get started right away. We want you to enjoy your furniture and be able to share it with others. Our beautiful wood and handmade pieces deserve to be seen by everyone. 

We take pride in our many types of wood we have here at Wood lab Creations and the DIY woodworking crafts we are able to put together. This furniture takes time to create, put together and put out for you to see. The behind the scenes is fun, dirty and an exciting experience. Most of our DIY woodworking crafts will fit right in with any home decor and you will see it is the perfect piece for your home. 

Being creative takes a certain kind of person and here at Wood Lab Creations we have it! We can see the parts of the wood that need to be shown. Where to cut so it does not split. The art of woodworking is truly beautiful. Make it what it is and find the right shade and shape for your next furniture piece in your home! We love to make our customers happy. Being able to make them a piece of furniture that they handpicked is what brings us joy. We want you to tell us your vision and we will bring it to life! DIY woodworking crafts are what we are all about, and having a new challenge allows us to try something new each and every time. We get a chance to use our different kinds of woods, mix our colors and really get in touch with our creative side! 

DIY woodworking crafts

Call Wood Lab Creations Today 

Crafting with wood makes for a beautiful outcome. That wow factor makes you want everyone to say “Where did you get that from?” Makes you feel good, makes us here at Wood Lab Creations look good and everyone wins. Give us a call 321-848-6547 with any questions you may have about pieces you see on our site or about creating your next DIY woodworking crafts. Trust us with your vision and order your furniture with us today! We have all different designs and creations waiting to show you. 

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