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Custom Wood Designs

Custom Wood Designs & Products

Are you looking for custom woodwork and design made from wood? How about a set of personalized coasters or an engraved bathtub caddy? With Wood Lab Creations, your imagination is the limit for our custom wood designs and products. If you have an idea, we would love to hear about it and help make your vision a reality. We’ve done it all, from giant live edge bartops to intricate wedding signs and everything in between.

When you work with Wood Lab Creations, we start by sitting down and coming up with an idea for your design personalized to your specific tastes. If you already have a product in mind that you want to be crafted, tell us about it! We offer custom furniture in addition to wood designs and products like signs, plaques, coasters, tabletops, and more. Every piece of our custom wood designs is created from the highest quality woods available. We use only local domestic hardwoods that can be made to fit any size or shape specifications. Our knowledge of woodworking techniques helps us bring out the best qualities in each type of wood so they will last you for generations.

There are many different aspects to custom wood designs, but the main aspect is what type of wood you use. For example, you could use more of a traditional bright type of color which would be something like maple or oak. However, there are also some softer, more contemporary colors that might go along with your design better, such as cedar or pine.

What type of custom wood designs you choose for your home or business is highly personal, so it’s essential to speak with our team to see what they recommend. Our team provides excellent customer service. We understand that your design means a lot, and we are here to provide excellent recommendations to bring your design to life.

Being able to choose something that will match your style is also very important. So, if you are looking for a more minimalistic design with clean lines or something more rustic with intricate wood carvings, we always have options for both!

Carving Your Imaginations

If you have an idea for a custom design, we want to help you make it. Give us a call, shoot us an email, or send us a message to get started, and we’ll work with you from there. If you have a specific type of wood, resin color, or other preference, let us know! Don’t have any idea what is available? That’s okay too; we’ll make recommendations based on your vision and through our collaborative experience, we’ll work together to create something beautiful.

We allow our clients to be a part of the creative process when creating their custom pieces. We take your ideas and bring them to life. Collaboration is a huge part of this process and an aspect that our team thoroughly enjoys. Custom wood designs are a great way to add personality and character to your home. While custom pieces can sometimes be pricey, there are plenty of ways to cut corners without sacrificing quality or style. More importantly, custom pieces will always be unique and original. In many cases, they also have a one-of-a-kind story behind them that adds even more value beyond their aesthetic appeal. We provide you with our woodworking technology to bring your ideas to life.

Custom woodwork and design in Melbourne, FL

Our Products & Custom Wood Designs

Here at Wood Lab Creations, we make a ton of cool and unique items. From functional items like tabletops and longboard decks to decorative signs and artwork, we do it all. If you have an idea for something that can be made from wood, chances are that we can make it!

We put our clients’ satisfaction above all else. That’s why all of our pieces are created with the best quality materials and standards in mind. We take your ideas and bring them to life by incorporating them into contemporary design plans that feel organic and effortless. You can choose from a variety of styles that are suitable for your home’s motif. 

We can work with you to come up with one-of-a-kind pieces, whether drawer pulls, pattern cutting boards, or any other style you wish. We also have several new products on the market, including chargers, candleholders, and hand mirrors. These handcrafted pieces feel wonderfully organic, reflecting your sense of aesthetics. They are 100% unique and use eco-friendly materials, so they are great for homes with children or pets who might need something more durable than traditional wood furniture.

If you’re stuck for ideas or unsure if your concept would work, here are a few examples of items we have made in the past:

  • Bar Tops
  • Bath Caddies
  • Clocks
  • Custom Corn Hole Games
  • Custom Signs
  • Cutting Boards
  • Game Boards
  • Jewelry
  • Live Edge Coffee Tables
  • Longboard Decks
  • Tabletops
  • Wall Hangers
  • Wireless Phone Charging Decks
  • Wooden Pens

Our Process In Making Custom Wood Designs

When we start a custom order, the first step is your idea. Once you reach out to us, we’ll work together to come up with all the details down to the wood type, color, and more. From there, we start with large, uncut slabs of wood. Depending on the type of design, we will cut the wood down to size or reshape it to fit your desired specifications. After the rough cuts are made, we get into the details; our professional craftsmanship is one of our defining features, and we believe it’s what sets up apart from the competition. We’ll work with you throughout the process to ensure that what we’re making is always in line with your vision because we want you to be as happy with the finished piece as we were making it.

The Wood Lab Difference

The Wood Lab Difference

At Wood Lab Creations, we believe in a customer-first approach and putting passion into each and every project. We want to make sure that when we start a design, we are putting just as much thought and care into the craftsmanship of a custom piece as we would with any other item we make.

From handcrafted cutting boards to custom desks, you can ensure that your project is in good hands. Handmade wood furniture designs can give any room a sense of warmth and personality with little effort from the homeowner. Whether you’re looking for a change of pace in your decor or want to brighten up an outdoor space, wood furniture is a perfect choice. Wood has always been one of the most versatile mediums in the design world, and it’s easy to see why. 

Handmade pieces are lively and kinetic while still being sturdy and practical. They can be endlessly customized to fit any style or purpose, which is why they remain popular choices even today! With these advantages on its side, it’s no wonder that handmade wood designs are often found hand-in-hand with high-end construction projects. We use our woodworking technology to bring your ideas to life. Call us now at 321-848-6547 with your ideas!

Wood Lab Creations is a family-owned and run woodworking business rooted in Palm Bay, Florida. While our main focus is on 2D and 3D CNC woodworking, we craft an array of stunning wood creations that are eye-catching and functional. We source only the highest-quality materials for our designs, including wall décor, signs, molding, furniture, and wood carving, to produce stunning and unique pieces for our customers.

Have an Idea? Let’s Talk!

For any wooden pieces or designs, Wood Lab Creations has what you need. We craft just about everything, from functional furniture to decorative items and everything in between. At Wood Lab, we want to bring your imagination to life using the highest-quality ingredients, no matter the specs. With our dedication and attention to detail, we promise that everything to provide you with the best customer satisfaction and the most beautiful products every time. Have a question about a custom design? Give us a call at 321-848-6547 or send us an email at Don’t be afraid to check out our Facebook page either! Let’s get started together.