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Custom Furniture Refinishing

Furniture refinishing and repair has become a popular service in the last few decades. The process is especially useful for furniture that’s damaged beyond repair but still has value to its owner. This includes not only minor damage like scratches, dents, and chips but also structural damages like broken legs or missing pieces that affect the safety of the furniture.

Wood Lab Creations specializes in restoring furniture back to its original condition without damaging the wood grain or adhesives holding the piece together. We also specialize in revamping your old furniture piece by adding new custom designs, carvings, or finishes.  We also offer a wide variety of epoxy coating services that will help your furniture withstand wear and tear from pets, children, or other elements to keep your furniture looking fresh for years to come.

Refinishing Process

The first step in our refinishing process is an inspection of the piece. We’ll take a look at any damage as well as the color and condition of the wood. From there we’ll discuss ways to improve those aspects if necessary as well as what type of finish would work best with the piece. This is where you’d want to bring up any specific requests you might have including adding carving or designs, removing old finishes to reveal a certain color or stain underneath, or even staining a new design into the wood itself! Other options include painting over the existing color or adding an epoxy coating to protect your piece.

After you select the finish that you want, we’ll work on removing any chips, splinters, or loose pieces of wood and carefully streamlining your piece. If the wood is damaged beyond repair, there’s no need to worry! We can still refinish it with no problem at all – sometimes this gives you even more options than before! Take for example a coffee table. There may have been damage along the edges which wasn’t too noticeable until now because of its stained finish. Once that stain is gone, you’re left with beautiful golden oak that gleams through underneath. Now maybe you’d like some curves carved into the legs – what once was unnoticeable damage is now a gorgeous lattice of oak.

If you’ve decided that your furniture pieces need more than just a simple sand and stain, then we’ll have to bring out the big guns! You know that wonderful smooth finish on some of your pieces? Our refinishers will be able to get rid of any marks from rings or stains, leaving you with a pristine surface upon which to apply one of our specially formulated epoxy coatings. These coatings can come in a vast range of colors and finishes, giving any piece a new life without sacrificing the original design. We offer epoxy coating for many other non-furniture designs as well, and we can even incorporate resign pour designs into your furniture. 

Antique Refinishing

Of course, furniture refinishing and repair does not mean that we’ll lose any of the original designs or carvings. Our master woodworkers are able to strip down an antique chair’s finish without stripping off its design. The result would still have the older feel and look of the original piece, but none of the wear and tear brought on by years in storage or use.

Recovered furniture will come out looking just like it did when it came out of factory! You can put them in your living room without worries about ruining them within months. 

Furniture Redesign

Some pieces may deteriorate so much over the years that even if they were refinished, they can no longer be used. Instead of throwing away your old wood furniture and letting them spend time in junkyards or warehouses, let us revive these once-prized furniture for you. Our expert wood professionals work with you to turn your furniture into new designs or come up with a custom design based on your original piece. You don’t have to say goodbye to that antique dresser that has been passed down in your family for generations. We can help you revive it and make it last for many more years to come.

Custom Refinished Furniture

When we start a custom order, the first step is your idea. Once you reach out to us, we’ll work together to come up with all the details down to the wood type, color, and more. 

Our professional craftsmanship is one of our defining features, and we believe it’s what sets us apart. We’ll work with you throughout the process to ensure that what we’re making is always in line with your vision because we want you to be as happy with the finished piece as we were making it.

For any handcrafted wood pieces or designs, Wood Lab Creations has what you need. We craft just about everything, from functional furniture to decorative items and everything in between. At Wood Lab, we want to bring your imagination to life using the highest-quality materials. With our dedication and attention to detail, we promise to provide you with the best customer satisfaction and the most beautiful products every time. Have a question about our products? Give us a call at 321-848-6547 or send us an email at Check out our Facebook page as well! We look forward to hearing from you!